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Bird watch tour


In this winter special bird watch tour in Tibet, you can have unique opportunity to watch wide range of wild bird in Tibet. In the winter time many birds do migrate to central Tibet due harsh weather in northern Jangtang region of Tibet. Tibetan has establish long trusting relation with the birds. In this tour you will be visiting Shuksep nunnery where we can observe the Tibetan Eared Pheasants and you can even feed them. You can also view yellow ducks by the River Kyichu.

This tour is also design for our clients to enjoy Tibetan village life and learn about Tibetan artisans.

Trip outline

Day 1. Arrival/ Acclimatization, Stay at Yak hotel (three star hotel) which runs by Tibetan people.

Day 2. Morning sightseeing Potala, Jokang Temple and Old Barkor Street.

Day 3. Morning drive to Shuksep Nunnery via “Lhasa Kyichu” and observe Yellow ducks which are living freely by the river and stop at a small temple in a village.

Experience/ Activity A visit to Tibetan family who will share their life and learn how to keep dry the Yak dune for fun and also you can visit the kitchen for roasting the barley and water mill place for grinding the Barley. Usually in the village Tibetan use the Yak dune for making fire at home. You can also see how we prepare Tsampa (Barley Flour) and a visit to Water mill to see how there grind roasted barley to make Tsampa. In the night you have to stay at Nunnery guest house and walk around nunnery peacefully and see many of these Tibetan Eared Pheasants.

Day 4. Next morning under noise from Pheasants you have to hike, two hours up to the nunnery visit upper small temple, it is very interesting to hike to see more beautiful wild animals.

Day 5. Morning back to Lhasa and free shopping for yourself.

Day 6. End of your Tibet trip.

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