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Contribution to school for under privilege student and adults


Songtsan travel has been contributing majority of its annual income towards providing funds for free schools for under privilege students and the school for adults who miss there opportunity to go to normal school. Our support plays greater roles in sustaining those schools. We have been supporting them since from our founding.
We believe in creating equal opportunity for all to lead a good life. As in this modern society its very  hard to lead a good life without proper education. We do appreciate the superb education policies and efforts made by government in the field education, but this initiative is to fill the gap, this initiatives is to support the government's project in order to create peaceful and good life in Tibetan communities.
In the school we support majority of students are from village communities and many of them miss there opportunities to study in government run schools. Due to which there are here to study in schools we support. Most of the students in the schools are learning English, Mandarin, Tibetan and Mathematics. In future we are looking forward to encourage those schools to start teach business and entrepreneurship skill trainings but so far those are just a normal school teaching languages.  Our guess from a board and domestic are all encouraging us to continue with our social responsibility initiatives...finally help us by giving business to continue over social initiatives. 

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