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Financial and marketing aid for disables to start their business


Songtsan travel as an social enterprise, has been assisting a group of disabilities in starting their own sewing workshop. There are group of six individuals with physical disabilities, who recently completed  their sewing training in vocational training center for disables. We have been helping them all we could in providing funds to start up their workshop and now we are helping them to find a shop and marketing assistance. Currently there products are being sells at our shop. We hope we can help them find a shop and funds to pay for initial deposit made on acquiring a shop.
There are facing lots difficulties in running their business now as they don't have good entrepreneurship skills, we have been talking about the skills they need to continue there business. This winter when we have limited work in our business we will be working closely with them to teach entrepreneurship skills.
As of now its prime importance for us to look for the shop so that they can take care of their marketing. Tibetan new year and the winter time is very good opportunity for them to sell their products as many Tibetan tend to buy new cloth and household item in winters, and they entire product are Tibetan traditional cloth and household items. At the end of this financial year we will see if we could do something to help them in paying initial deposit for the shop if not we will have to see other alternatives like to get stalls in new Bhakor supermarket which will be operational at the end of this year(hopefully).

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