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Social Responsibility

Since its founding, Songtsen Travel has committed to contribute back to society. We firmly believe in helping people to help themselves, we also believe that our limited funds should provide diverse benefits to the society. Songtsan Travel has been involved in financial contributions to many social enterprises in Tibet. Songtsan Travel has been a key contributer for a school for under privileged children and adults who missed their opportunity to study in regular schools. Songtsen has also been assisting people with disabilities to start there own businesses. As a travel company we always seek to promote Eco-Tourism. In the future as our business improves and develops, Songtsan Travel hopes to provide medical and financial assistance to people in the remote Tibetan plateau. Songtsen Travel always tries to be an example for other tour operating companies inside Tibet to initiate their own social responsibility projects. 

Our works

Contribution to school for under privileged students and adults

Songtsan Travel has been contributing the majority of its income towards providing funds for free schools for under privileged students and adults based in Tibet. Our support plays a great role in the sustainability and longevity of these schools. We believe in creating equal opportunity for those who missed theirs. We also believe in creating in brighter futures for them. In the future we will continue to contribute towards the education and development of these schools. click here for more informations

Financial aid and marketing support to people with physical disabilities in starting their own business

Songtsan Travel has been assisting a group of people with disabilities in starting their own sewing workshop. There are a group of six people with disabilities, who recently completed their training in a vocational training center for disabled persons. We are helping them in marketing and are selling their products in our small shop adjoined to our office, however we are now looking for additional shop for them where they can run it themselves. Finding a shop is very difficult task for them, so we are helping to allocate and raise the financial resources until which time we are able to reach this goal.

Clothes distribution for the rural poor

As an tour operating company we have unique access to the poor rural population, since the beginning of the company we have been collecting used yet useful clothing to distribute. We always encourage our crew members to collect used clothing from their households and even sometimes our guests contribute their own clothes to be distributed. Our tour guide describes his experiences when he has distributed his old clothes to the poor communities in Mt. Everest base camp as “it makes me feel like I am sharing my well being with my community, where I belong”. Although we are only able to distribute our used clothing, we still feel like we are doing our bit to help the poor. We understand the value and impact which small contributions can make in these types of initiatives.


As a tour operating company Songtsan Travel understands the importance in conserving local culture and the environment in its natural state. We understand the balance between business and importance of our natural environment. Tibet is located on the roof the world with a very fragile irreversible ecology. Therefore we feel we have a moral responsibility to preserve and protect it. The projects undertaken by local government have greatly encouraged our company to undertake our own Eco-Tourism initiatives. Every winter we train our staff and crew members on the subject. This training has become a very important part our annual accomplishments and we have great a numbers of guests who appreciate our guides and crew members approach to working in harmony with local enviroment. Please click here to read more on Eco-Tourism


Overall since our beginning we as a social enterprise contribute a majority of our annual income back to society through our social responsibility initiatives. We believe it is important that you contribute no matter how small. We are doing many little things within our capacity with pure intentions. Finally as long as we exist we will try our best to keep doing good work. May our good spirit last till we last.

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