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Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Travel Permit Updates on March 25th, 2013

After the couple of months permit closure, Tibet travel permit is just announced to reopened for foriegners from April 1st, we were informed by the Tibet tourism bureau to submit the permit application for our groups in beginning of April, so if you are still worrying about the permit, then just write us at and we will get the permit for all group size even for single traveler and without multi-nationals restrictions too, so start plan your Tibet with us local expert, we will get your permit for sure.

Tibet reopened from April 1st, 2013

About the most recent permit change:

For 2012 summer Tibet travel, foreign tourists must acquire permits and enter Tibet through kathmandu, Nepal.

Entering Tibet through China is not possible at this time due to governement restrictions.

songtsan travel is licensed to make travel and permits arrangements for foreign tourists entering from Nepal.


Tibet Travel Permit, also called TTB or Tibet visa, is obtained separately from Chinese visas. They must be organized in advance of any travel to Tibet and must be arranged by a tour agency not with the Chinese embassy or consulate. Travelers to Tibet must officially be part of a group tour with a guide.  

Foreign government officials, diplomats and journalists have to organize their travel permits through a different channel. If you fall into this category, you should have your office work with the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government to obtain the correct permits.

There are two kinds of permits issued for traveling in Tibet, the entry permit (TTB permit, equivalent of a visa for Tibet) and the Alien travel permit (PSB permit). Songtsan Travel may provide both types of permit for your visit to Tibet.


TTP Permit - Tibet Travel Permit
When you fly into Lhasa you will need to show this permit while checking in at the airport. Also, in order to buy a flight to Lhasa in the first place you will need to show this permit. TTB permits are also needed by groups traveling by Land Cruiser, but this will be arranged by the travel agency organizing the trip.

PSB Permit - Alien Travel Permit
If you want to get off the beaten tourist group path and see some of the more remote or "restricted" areas in Tibet, you will have to obtain a PSB Permit or Alien's Travel Permit. Alien travel permit issued by the PSB (Public Security Bureau) of Tibet. PSB permit gives you greater access to different areas of Tibet. These are also organized through a tour agency.

How to get the travel permits?

Since we are a local travel agency, we can easily obtain travel permits on your behalf. Simply send us full name, Gender, Date of birth, Nationality & Passport Number of the traveler.  Entire information provided must be exactly same as in your passport. In addition, we will need to know your occupation, as journalists and government officials/political personnel may require more complicated procedures in order to be issued a permit. Please be advised that you need to apply for the travel permit at least 10 days prior to your entry date. Also note that if you do not book a tour with Songtsan Travel, we cannot help you get a permit. Please keep in mind that No travel agency can provide "permit-only" service in Tibet.

 Important Issues regarding Tibet travel permits

1. Tibet travel permits may be acquired through a travel agency, except by the following groups of people: diplomats, journalists, and government officials; People falling within these categories need to contact the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibetan Government in order to arrange a permit.

2. After you have got a Tibet travel permit, a travel agency can buy you the air tickets, and only with the permit in hand can you pass the airport check-in counter.

3. Once in Tibet, your tour guide is required to retain your permit. You may not carry it on your person, or travel within Tibet with it in your possession. The Alien Travel Permit is required for travel outside of Lhasa. If you attempt to travel outside of Lhasa with only a Tibet entry permit and are stopped by the police, you will be sent out of Tibet, and could face legal difficulties. Furthermore, the travel agency which helped you acquire the permit could also face sanctions.
Do not trust a travel agency that offers to sell you a Tibet travel permit without requiring you to book a tour. No legitimate travel agency will offer "permit-only" service. Avoid wasting your money, as this is almost certainly a scam.

4. There is a service charge (imposed by the government) that must be paid in order to get a Tibet travel permit. Songtsan Travel will also charge a minimal fee for the time, paper work, and to reimburse the transportation and delivery fees involved in acquiring a Tibet travel permit.

Other documents

Tibet is under Chinese jurisdiction, so you are required to hold a valid Chinese visa (issued by a Chinese Embassy), as well as a valid passport. If you are coming to Lhasa from Kathmandu, it is advised to get a Chinese visa from Kathmandu (regardless of whether you already have a Chinese visa issued in your country) as a special administrative situation exists between China and Nepal.

Book your Tibet trip to local travel agency in Lhasa.

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