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Our Team

 We are team of native Tibetan and based in Lhasa. We offer trips to Tibet with our own jeeps, guides and travel crew who are also native Tibetans from different areas of Tibet.

Tenzin was born on may,6,1974 ,  in Gyama valley , It's same birthplace of  Songtsan Gampo ,king of united Tibet.
Tenzin learnt his english from Gangshun language school in Lhasa and then after he completed the language program ,he started  to work as tour guide with Access Tibet tour almost for 8 years ,his profound  knowledge about Tibetan Buddhism and culture has won reputations from his former clients ,then in 2011 ,He and Dawa registered their own  Tibet Songtsan International Travel company in Lhasa .
contact number : 86-13638901182
Skype : songtsantravelMG


Dawa was born on August ,6,1976 , in Gyama valley , It's same birthplace of Songtsan Gampo , King of united Tibet.
Dawa learnt  his english in abroad  and worked in several different travel agencies  in the past several   years , at the same time he worked as tour guide and traveled many parts of Tibet . in the year 2011, he has registered his own Tibet  Songtsan International company  under Tibet tourism bureau.
Dawa also joined with Tibet Ecotourism Accreditation project :with  a grant from the U.S. state department , Columbia university's Modern Tibetan studies Program .
contact number : 86-13908902607 
Skype : songtsantravel

Nyidon was born on 10th of July in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region. After completing her studies, she worked as a guide for more then five years. In those years she has got a very good opportunity to meet with different people from different part of the world. In her leisure time she learns about Tibetan culture and tradition to share with clients to give them detail understanding of Tibet. Within these she also used the opportunity to improve her communications skills.
Over a years of being guide to Songtsan travel she received lots opportunity to attain different trainings on Eco-tourism and marketing skills in China, which has contribute improvement of her skills to become an essential person for the company.
contact number : 86-13908998528
Skype : nyima.dolma281

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