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Travel FAQ

What should I pack before travel to Tibet?

Clothing for Tibet Travel

Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the most for your trip to Tibet. Make sure to take warm clothing as it is quite chilly and cold during the nights and early morning.

Low Season

high Season

(November to April)

(May to October)

Heavy jacket

Light Overcoat or Raincoat

Warm underwear

Light Jacket

Warm trousers

Thin Sweaters

Warm sweaters

Sun hat

Woolen shirts



Thin Socks

Warm hat & Scarves

Light shoes

Warm socks


Light leather boots in case of snow


Take from your home all possible personal things such as necessary medicine, cosmetics, toilet items, etc. Very often you cannot find them during your trip to Tibet.

What to take

Water bottle
Snacks which you can have in your trip
Your Personal medical kit
Sun screen lotion
Toilet paper
Flash light and batteries
Your day bag-pack
Camera and films
Bandana, scarf or mask for keeeping your lungs from dust
diamox tablets

How to get the Travel Permit to Tibet?

Travel permit to Tibet is issued by Tibet Tourism Administration. To apply for it, the copy of your passport and Chinese visa, together with other information such as your occupation should be provided. Journalists and people that could be involved in political matters could be revoked. In this matter, we will assist you if you contact us.

Can I travel Tibet with my child?

Tibet may not be an ideal destination for young Children. The climate and generally harsher conditions in Tibet may not be ideal for young children. The sights and attractions are not those which children like to visit and facilities will be very primitive. If you do decide to bring your young child to Tibet please ensure that you bring all your child's daily needs with you.

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

Tibet is one of the most dramatic climates places in China. Though cool in summer, it is extremely cold in the winter. The best time for your Tibet trip is from April to November, avoiding the cold and dry weather from December to February.

What should I know about the altitude sickness?

Please read about altitude sickness at Acute Mountain Sickness.

Do I need to buy insurance before visiting Tibet?

We highly suggest our clients to buy insurance at home companies to cover the mishaps and physical unease occurring during the travel period in China, which policy is more favorable to clients than those in China and easier to operate for clients.

Can I take photos of Tibetans, even the monks or the seniors?

Usually Tibetans are quite friendly. But you had better ask for permissions before taking photos as some of the people believe your behavior will do harm to their religious soul.

Book your Tibet trip to local travel agency in Lhasa.

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