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Winter Special Tour


From this year we have created new tour categories especially designed for our international guests to experience Winter life inside Tibet. Winter time in Tibet offers a unique opportunity for travellers to experience different lifestyles and scenic views. In this new Winter category, we focus mainly on the capital of Lhasa and nearby rural and nomadic surrounding areas in Shigatse. We have created these intineraries specific to the natural climate and lifestyles in mind.

Winter time is especially a time for families and many of the important Tibetan celebrations fall during this season. In particular, 'Losar' the Tibetan New Year, is a very special time when local Tibetans celebrate with traditional customs and clothing, where with entire family gather in their homes to bid farewell to the past year and welcome the new year with optimism and hopes of prosperity and generosity.

In our Winter intineraries we provide real life Tibetan experiences by having lunch and sharing the day and home life with a Tibetan family based in rural setting. We also focus our tours on Tibet's Hot Springs which can provide excellent medicinal benefits to people, which can cure many physical ailments. Legend has it that many of hot springs in Tibet were revealed by Guru Padmasambava to help local Tibetans cure their many illnesses.

Winter time also gives our clients an opportunity to see a unique snow capped Tibetan landscape. (Just imagine being in front of Potala Palace surrounded by majestic snow capped mountains!). Winter Tours in Tibet will give you a unique opportunity to experience the often unexplored Winter lifestyles and sceneries inside Tibet.

Winter Special Tours

Trip in Central Tibet

Trip in Central Tibet

trip duration: 8 days

A week Trip in Central Tibet

A week Trip in Central Tibet

trip duration: 7 days

Lhasa wonders

Lhasa wonders

trip duration: 5 days

Explore village life

Explore village life

trip duration: 5 days

Bird watch tour

Bird watch tour

In this winter special bird watch tour in Tibet, you can have unique opportunity ...

trip duration: 6 days

Winter wild life observation

Winter wild life observation

In this land, we have very interesting verity of wild animals for different ...

trip duration: 5 days

Festivals in Winter




24th November

Lhabab Duchen

This is a celebration to celebrate decendence of Budhha from Tushita (Heaven)

Legend has it, after Budhha's mother achieved Parinirvana. She was reborn as god in Tushita heaven. To pay tribute to his mother he went to Tushita to turn the wheel of Dharma. It took a long time for Budhha to return back to earth. On this date some three thousand years ago  sentience beings of this world were finally able to have an audience with Budhha after many years of eagerly waiting.

This day is celebrate all over the buddhist world to celebrate the return of buddha. 

17th December

Palhae Duchen

Palhae Duchen means celebration of Shri Devi (The protector diety of Tibet). 

During this day local Tibetan people go to seek the audeince of the statue of Shri Devi (which remains closed throughout the year in the Jokang temple). This day is also considered a women days througout all Tibetan Society. The males members then have to gift something to each women as a treat.

In Lhasa you will have an opportunity to view the three Phalden Lhamo in Jo-khang Temple and there will also be displayed the ring of Tibetan Dharma King Songtsen Gampo.

27th December

Gaden Ngachoe

Gaden Ngamchoe is a day to commemorate the Parinirvana (death) of the great Tsonkapa (founder of the Yellow Hat Gelukpa sect).

During this day you will witness many people paying gratitude to the great master by litting countless butter lamps around their homes and temples.

In Lhasa you will witness the countless number of butter lamp lit around bhakor street and in Gaden Monastery a great prayer memorial is held.

31st January

Han Chinese New Year

Since the old Tibetan society, noble people in Lhasa celebrated Han Chinese New Year with the Chinese Amban. The Chinese population in Lhasa used to invite their Tibetan friends in their residence.

These days the Tibetan population celebrate this day with their Han Chinese friends and families. 

26th Febuary

Sera Phumjyal

Sera is the second biggest monastery in Lhasa. Phurpa means vajra. Sera Phurpa is consider.........

2nd March

Losar (Tibetan Lunar New Year)

Tibetan New Year is a great family gathering time for Tibetans. It has history of 2141 years. Tibetan Losar was celebrated for an entire month in old Tibet. But nowadays populations in Lhasa celebrate it for 15 days.

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